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This page contains lists of other blogs that I’ve checked out and approve of (though, I admit, I haven’t read every post at all of them). Blogs here update reasonably often (my primary criterion) and provide good content.  I’ll add more blogs and resources as I find them.  I’ll also remove any resources that don’t stay current.

A tip:  Go through the archives of any of these blogs.  Sometimes I find good stuff that’s several years old.

Jamie Flinchbaugh’s Blog

Jamie Flinchbaugh is, of course, the well known writer and speaker “on lean culture, transformational leadership, and entrepreneurial excellence”.  (You know you’re famous when you can publish an eponymous blog.) It looks like he posts a couple of times each month.

Lean Blog

Mark Graban seems to be making a name for himself in healthcare lean.  This site posts several times each month.  My only issue is that it contains way too much advertising, some of it not closely related to the topic of lean at all.

Two Second Lean

This blog is run by the Paul Akers, CEO of Fast Cap, a small manufacturing company in Washington.  I stumbled across a video he produced that shows how Fast Cap has implemented lean manufacturing methods, especially visual factory.  The blog links to a boatload of additional videos.  The blog is updated regularly and contains lots of “how to”.

 A Lean Journey

This site is regularly updated with Lean Quotes and Lean Tips.  Tim McMahon has a lengthy list of blog resources but I don’t think he’s kept it updated…it lists blogs that don’t post very often.  He also allows advertising.

Bob Emiliani: Innovative Lean Leadership

Bob’s is one of the better looking sites I’ve seen and…he posts frequently.  His main theme is “Respect for the Employee”, not a bad main theme to promote. His posts are thoughtful. As with most blogs, the emphasis is on concept rather than “How-to”.

Evolving Excellence

I used to read this one regularly when it was hosted by Kevin Meyer and Bill Waddell.  They wrote about lean, business, and business strategy.  There was no “how to” information but they were both good writers and posted thought provoking stuff.  Now, it appears that Kevin is the only host and he hasn’t posted in about a year.  Normally, I wouldn’t list a blog that isn’t posting but, again, he’s a good writer and I’m going to keep checking to see if he starts up again.

Gemba Academy Blog

Gemba Academy has it all going on.  It has a bunch of YouTube videos on just about every lean topic you’d want to explore.  The blog is too fancy for its own good…most of us just want to see the most recent article front and center, then go from there.  Gemba Academy has a “slide panel” of old articles, a box of podcasts, and another box of recent posts.  But…once you find them, the posts are frequent and well written.  There’s a good bit of thought provoking stuff here but you have to search a bit for the “how to”.

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